I’m Kyle Kerley

Experienced Full-Stack Web Developer

A little about me

Wisconsin native and Denver transplant since June 2010. I absolutely love living in the Front Range corridor and couldn’t be happier about being here—aside from the ever-worsening traffic situation.

I’m a web developer who moonlighted as an email developer for almost five years before getting back into building websites. I’ve worked at numerous agencies as a front end developer, email developer, and account manager on many clients ranging in size from small local shops to global technology powerhouses. I’ve been focusing on WordPress development almost exclusively since 2015 and enjoy it immensely. WordPress has made web development fun and exciting again!

I have a degree in English from Marquette University. I consider myself an English language ambassador and take grammar, punctuation, and proper spelling pretty seriously.

I’m a metalhead and am pretty active in the scene thanks to the fact that just about every band stops in Denver.

Finally, I love my German Shepherd, Brock Lee, and actually pick up his poop should he go when we’re on walks. That doesn’t seem like something I should have to be proud of or brag about, but it’s apparently a pretty rare attribute to have in the greater Denver metro area.



  • 2002 - 2006

    Marquette University

    Bachelor of Arts: English - Writing Intensive

    Dwyane Wade helped take Marquette to the 2003 Final Four where we were embarrassed by Kansas. Horrible loss aside, that magical run set me up for a lifetime of high expectations that have yet to be met with anything but crushing disappointment.


  • Aug 2014 - Now

    Top Floor Technologies

    Front End Developer

    I'm the sole Front End Developer at this small agency located in New Berlin, WI. We focus on Wordpress and Drupal (6 and 7) sites for clients that tend to be in the manufacturing realm in the Midwest.

    I switched my entire career focus to Wordpress because of and for this job. I have built a large number of Wordpress-powered sites, the majority of which use the Avada theme as the base. I'm working with the senior developers to create a custom bootstrapped template for use on all of our Wordpress sites to avoid fighting with all of the bloat that many premium themes come with (particularly Avada).

    In addition, I have done extensive HTML prototyping work. I built fully-functional HTML models of huge new sites that were then handed off to client to implement into their own custom CMSes. I make adjustments depending on their needs and what their system can do to ensure that their sites look as close to possible as the approved designs.

    I have also done some email development. It's an area that Top Floor doesn't have much experience in and given that I had 4.5 years of experience at a number of large agencies with huge clients, I've been able to help out with the clients that actually are interested in email marketing.

    Notable clients I worked on include: Phoenix Lighting, Wagner Architectural Systems, Rytec, Instrument Sales and Service, Inc.

  • Jul 2013 - Jul 2014


    Web Developer

    Despite the position title, I was an email developer hired to be part of Hewlett-Packard's massive team until they fired us, at which point I moved into the general pool of Web Developers and helped out on Marriott, Intel, Darden, Silver Star Brands, VSP and more before becoming lead developer on Sport Chalet. I was responsible for working with Creative Services and the Account Management team to deliver bulletproof, responsive emails that were free of rendering issues on 27 platforms.

    Yesmail's Enterprise 7 platform uses JavaScript to provide all dynamic content. A few custom server-side libraries were created to provide the tools necessary to pull relevant list-driven information. Aside from that, anything else that needed to be accomplished was done so by leveraging the immense power that JavaScript offers.

    Notable clients I worked on include: HP, Intel, Marriott, Sport Chalet, Darden Restaurants, Silver Star Brands, and VSP.

  • Jan 2012 - Jul 2013

    eBay Enterprise

    Campaign (Support) Specialist

    Formerly e-Dialog, eBay bought the company and rebranded it as eBay Enterprise. We became the marketing arm of eBay. This job was actually two in one: Campaign Specialist (CS) for full-service clients and Campaign Support Specialist (CSS) for self-service clients. Before I left, I was managing 13 clients.

    As a CS, I did every aspect of the campaign process from brainstorming on general campaign ideas to working with Creative to get designs mocked up, to slicing up PSDs and coding the HTML, to QAing and finally deploying the emails.

    As a CSS, I was more of a technical resource. I troubleshooted issues, answered questions about the platform, and performed maintenance as needed (fixing rendering issues, restarting failed trigger/automation campaigns, etc.).

    Notable clients I worked on include: Half.com, eBay Australia, US Auto Parts, Buy.com, NAPA Auto Parts, Bassmaster

  • Nov 2011 - Jan 2012


    Interactive Campaign Manager

    Interactive Campaign Managers (ICM) act as a liaison between clients and the Email Developers, DBAs and other technical resources. They gather campaign requirements from the client and set expectations on what can be accomplished and in what amount of time.

    The decision was made to make ExactTarget (ET) the sole platform for all email-sending clients and being that I was the most experienced developer on the platform, I wanted to move to this role so I could work with clients and set realistic expectations on what could be done and in what time frames as I had so much knowledge regarding ET.

    With direction from clients, I created the necessary documents and compiled assets so that the Email Developers could quickly and successfully build the campaigns. I was able to leverage my experience and insight into both of Merkle's email platforms to offer suggestions to clients about campaign possibilities and also to help the Email Developers be more efficient as they were building the campaigns.

  • Jun 2010 - Nov 2011


    Email Developer

    Email Developers take direction from Interactive Campaign Managers (ICMs) and handle the part of the email process that includes creating HTML assets, proofing and QAing emails and ultimately deploying the campaign. They are often consulted by ICMs for ideas on how to create complex functionality requested by clients and are expected to come up with workarounds when something isn't possible.

    As the lead/only ExactTarget developer for about 9 months before anyone else started learning the platform, I was responsible for learning their JavaScript-like language AMPScript to build Royal Caribbean's incredibly dynamic emails (two examples of which are outlined in the projects area).

    My most notable achievement was taking a 4-version weekly email for Royal Caribbean and changing out to have 24 versions of content based on which personality type of 535 types a person was designated as. Each of those 535 personality types had any combination of 5 links to discounted cruises out of a total pool of 35 links. This was all managed by a number of .csv files that acted as mini, static databases for each campaign that were updated weekly.

    Notable clients I worked on include: DIRECTV< Samsung, Royal Caribbean International, Wendy's, TGI Friday's, Dex, GMACI.

  • Jul 2008 - May 2010

    Direct Supply, Inc.

    Web Content Developer II

    Full-time position of the internship from few years prior. This was a senior position due to previous experience at the company and from ever-growing experience with web technologies. Two interns reported to me.

    Notable accomplishments:

    • Used Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro to create a new tool for easier fabric swatch viewing and sample ordering on the website.
    • Acted as lead developer on a large-scale SharePoint 2007 site used for external customers to track progress of open construction projects for Direct Supply Aptura.
    • Acted as sole email developer for all mass email creation/execution through Lyris.
    • Helped create/design/launch the corporate website and new corporate visual standards for all web-based properties.
    • Led the project to rebrand all existing websites while consolidating everything under the www.directsupply.com umbrella domain
  • Jun 2008 - Jul 2008


    XML Developer

    A contract position through Robert Half Technology for about 5 weeks working on the Harley Davidson Motorcycles 2009 website.

    I was responsible for creating the schema for, building and QAing the XML backend for the Harley Davidson 2009 Motorcycles Flash-powered web site. For every model and variation, and for every accessory and add-on available, I created the necessary content elements and language flags to internationalize the site in 8 different languages.

    Notable clients I worked on include: Harley Davidson.

  • Nov 2006 - May 2008

    Assurant Health

    Web & Technology Designer

    Built and maintained mission-critical information used constantly by sales, underwriters and just about every other area of the company to gather information from potential customers and to approve/deny applicants.

    The Knowledge Management department where this role/team was located was responsible for managing the corporate intranet. Unlike most companies, however, the intranet was more than just Human Resources links and information; it was the source of all the scripts and information the underwriters needed to successfully complete their jobs. Ensuring the information was correct was of the utmost importance.

    This role was more of a project management position than anything else. There was very little coding apart from fixing numerous, weird rendering bugs caused by Microsoft Content Management Server 2002.

  • Mar 2005 - Nov 2006

    Direct Supply, Inc.

    Web Content Developer Intern

    Main responsibilities included managing the entire eCommerce platform, Direct Supply Network (DSN) while also searching for ways to improve the user experience within the confines of the severely-limited homegrown content management system.

    Because of my knowledge and experience already (I’d been using Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and had begun dabbling in JavaScript), I was expected to provide a lot of creative workarounds.

    Notable accomplishments:

    • Co-led a massive project to archive all of the Marketing department’s flyers in SharePoint 2003.
    • Helped develop the front end of the marketing SharePoint site by designing complex InfoPath forms for collecting data.
    • Created custom ASP.NET code to manipulate the InfoPath XML outside of SharePoint/InfoPath for use in numerous other areas of the site.
    • Created and maintained an XML database of the top 500 products sold by Direct Supply that would benefit from having multiple images on their product pages (the system only allowed for one).


  • I am familiar with CSS3, Sass, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and Postgres and MySQL.

    I'm also very comfortable with Adobe Creative Cloud—specifically Photoshop

    I have to work on Drupal (6 and 7) sites from time to time but prefer not to. The backend is a new terrifying adventure on every site and the front end is a mess of divs and .block.block-block class garbage.

    My PHP knowledge is growing daily. It's mostly a matter of getting used to the syntax and the PHP way of doing things as Ruby/Rails is such a vastly different paradigm. I understand the concepts but have to rely on Google and API documentation often.

    Ruby on Rails
    Drupal (6 and 7)
    Responsive Email

Honors and Awards

  • BMA Milwaukee Bell Award 2017: Websites - Production Costs Less Than $35,000
    2017 - Top Floor Technologies BMA Milwaukee Bell Award 2017: Websites - Production Costs Less Than $35,000 Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation won this award and I was responsible for the full-stack architecture of the site. It is an Avada-powered WordPress site featuring custom post types, advanced custom functionality, and a fully-responsive design.

  • BMA Milwaukee Excellence Award 2017: Websites - Production Costs Less Than $35,000
    2017 - Top Floor Technologies BMA Milwaukee Excellence Award 2017: Websites - Production Costs Less Than $35,000 Wil-Kil Pest Control won this award and I was responsible for the full-stack architecture of the site. It is an Avada-powered WordPress site featuring custom post types, advanced custom functionality, and a fully-responsive design.

  • Man of Action Award
    2014, 2015, 2016 - Top Floor Technologies
    Won seven times so far, this weekly award is actually a fully-posable action figure handed out by the previous week's winner to whomever they feel exhibited company core values the best during the previous week.

  • Exceptional Teamwork Award
    2011 - Merkle
    Awarded for my part in Royal Caribbean International's onboarding process: mastering ExactTarget's platform quickly in order to migrate and update RCI's existing campaigns and data.

  • Squishy Guy Awards
    2010, 2011 - Merkle Merkle Squishy Guy Awards
    Small, interconnecting, squishy gingerbread man-looking awards symbolizing different company core values. Employees are nominated anonymously and once a quarter, those approved received a $50 prepaid Visa and a Squishy Guy. I was nominated and won three times for Committed to Vision (2x), and Smarts.

  • Unbelievable Frog Award
    2009 - Direct Supply, Inc.
    This award was a singing and dancing frog (Frogz Rock It Rap It Ribbit!) that was handed out at irregular intervals by whoever possessed it at the time. I won it for exceptional work done on the Adobe Flex-powered Fabric Swatch Viewer application I built.

  • Man of November
    2015 - Top Floor Technologies Top Floor Man of November Award
    Won for having the best/creepiest mustache as voted on by Facebook followers of the company for Movember, raising awareness of testicular cancer and the type of people to be wary of when walking alone at night.

    The prize package included an arm wrestling trophy (the handshake between Carl Weathers and Arnold Schwarzenegger from the beginning of Predator was the inspiration), a sash, a plate of Christmas cookies and some random products from clients that were around the office.


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